About the project


The building of offices and services DWORCOWA 25 in Gliwice will go up in the city center, next to the Dworcowa, one of the main streets of the city and in the immediate neighbourhood of the Old Town. Such location has influenced on both – functional program and the architecture of the building.

The designed building of offices and services DWORCOWA 25 is to become the significant element of the restoration of the center of Gliwice. Not iirelevant is the direct neighbourhood of the highway DTŚ GOP.

Currently designed property has approximately 6199 m2 of the space for rent and about 131 parking places designated for tenants.
The functional order has been planed as follow:
* ground floor – commercial and gastronomic areas, accessible for pedestrians,
* I floor – service (FITNESS), gastronomic or office areas,
* II-V floors – office space,
* floor IV and V – in the corner possible gastronomic places with observation terrace.
Multistorey garage has been planed inside the quarter.

Office spaces have been planed to enable elastic and diverse arrangement of the spaces for rent.

Modern architecture of the building was designed adjusting it to the historic neighbourhood, particularly to the building of the Post Office. Glass facades of horizontal divisions have been enriched with raster system and blinds consisted of ceramic reddish-brown elements.

Foreseen second stage of investment – located in frontage of Dolnych Wałów street. At this stage the realization of about 3000m2 area for rent and approximately 40 parking places is being planned.


The main investor

globalGlobal City Holdings is combining entertainment and real estate businesses in Europe and in Israel. Global City Holdings  is present through its subsidiaries in three comprehensive segments: cinemas, leisure and real estate:
Global City Holdings combines unique expertise in developing successfull cinema venues and real estate projects.
Global City Holdings has an extensive expertise in developing, managing and divesting real estate projects in the CCE countries and in Israel.
The Company holds a portfolio composed of leisure, commercial, residential, cinema and office real estate in four countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Israel and Slovakia.
Global City Holdings is renown for its successful shopping malls developed in Poland and Bulgaria. Currently the Company owns and oparates the Mall of Rousse,a shopping centre in Rousse, Bulgaria.
Global City Holdings holds 39.8% of shares in Ronson Europe NV, a residential developer in Poland focus on high quality mid-scale appartments.

Home page: www.globalcityholdings.com



arkus_logo_It was established in the year 1996 with a goal to provide comprehensive services within investment preparation and handling, most of all, of housing, service and multi purposes investments, which are currently in demand. The area of our activities is whole Poland, but generally we reo focused on south part of Poland, along the A4 highway.
Our company’s ambition is to provide services to an Investor beginning from preparing a decision on development and management conditions for the investment planned and ending with obtaining a permit for occupying the facilities built.
The core of ArKuS Design and Consulting Office is an architectural office preparing documentation from the phase of an urban and architectural concept, through comprehensible construction designs, ending with detailed designs of cubic capacity, surroundings and equipment, and handling formal and legal issues of the investment.
ArKuS Design and Consulting Office prepares these comprehensive multi-sector documentations, construction and detailed designs, cooperating with selected partners and professional companies, and coordinating their operations so that a Client could obtain comprehensive services from one place.
ArKuS Design and Consulting Office applies a crucial principle while designing, which is optimisation of technical solutions and optimisation of investment costs in terms of ideal satisfaction of our Client-Investor’s needs. Costs optimisation concerns not only a designing and implementing phase but also occupation, including the insurance costs of the investment through appropriate project solutions.
All design works are performed by ArKuS Design and Consulting Office in BIM technology using Autodesk Revit, and it is worth emphasising that all documents are prepared based on a 3D digital model of the planned investment, which makes it fully integrated.

Home page: www.arkus.pl


The contractor

We are at the stage of choosing a professional company, experienced in similar realizations, witch will carry out the project at the highest standard.