About the building

The building of offices and services DWORCOWA 25 in Gliwice executing in the first stage will be located in the frontage of Dworcowa street – appointed by existing building of QUBUS hotel.
Currently object destined to be build measures about 6199 m2 of the space for rent and about 131 parking places designated for tenants.
The functional order is presented on the attached ground plans.
Office spaces have been planed to enable elastic and diverse arrangement of the spaces for rent. It is possible to connect or divide presented for rent areas on the particular storeys. All of the spaces are lighted properly, what makes easier theirs’ arrangement.
Access to particular storeys as well from pedestrian ways and parking levels is ensured by the system of lifts and staircases.

on the highest office levels and wide green terrace above the highest level of the car parking are additional advantages.